Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to this and related Succession websites such as (which may appear under ) and (which may appear under ).

These sites do not collect any personal information when users view, visit or use the website.

The website hosting service we use is and it uses “cookies” to improve your web experience. They automatically display a banner on these sites so you can accept those cookies. That banner also provides a link to the privacy policy (click here). If you don’t see their banner, you likely accepted it sometime in the past.

In all cases of these websites you will not be added to a mailing list unless you actively do so yourself. In all cases you can unsubscribe at any time using a link included in every email sent. Your data will not be shared, sold or used to spam you.

If you choose to contact Succession through this or related websites your email address or another identifying piece of info are likely to be revealed. These will be used only to correspond with you on the subject of your inquiry.

If you choose to make a charitable donation to Succession (thank you!), your personal information is collected by the fundraising organization (GoFundMe) and passed to Succession. GoFundMe has it’s own privacy policy here.